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"I am the one who drums" - probably not this guy

“I am the one who drums”
– probably not this guy

In software development there is a type of defect called a heisenbug. It is named after the physicist Werner Heisenberg, who stated that the more precisely a particle’s momentum is measured, the less precisely its position can be known, and vice-versa. Likewise, a heisenbug is one which disappears when you add code or try to debug it using external tools.

When I posted about the intermittent problem with the Glowbek, I had no idea whether it was a hardware or software defect. Turns out, it was somewhere in the middle.

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The Warp Hat, my first EL wire creation

The Warp Hat, my first EL wire creation

To all the people who have been telling me “dude, you should run a class on that stuff” for the last I-don’t-know-how-long: guess what?

…no, I haven’t built a mega-death-ray out of lasers yet, but thanks for your interest.

I’m running an EL wire class!

Come along and build your own toy, hat, glove, or what-have-you that you think should glow. Don’t have a design in mind? I’ll have all the materials you’ll need to make a UFO that you can dangle from a fishing rod over people’s heads.

Even if you’re doing your own design, I’ll provide 3m of wire and a 2xAA battery inverter.

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