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Okay, so I have some bad news and some good news.

"This case is empty". "What do you mean, empty?" "Empty! The opposite of full!"

At least he got the case.

The bad news is that somewhere between LAX and SFO, the box containing the Blinkenlights prototype and the Glowbek mysteriously disappeared. Despite having my address clearly labelled on the package, it was not found or returned.

The good news is that this gives me all the more reason to step up my game. Glowbek 2.0 won’t be an Arduino and a prototyping board; it will be its own PCB. Blinkenlights 3.0 will be USB-programmable/chargeable and have its own battery. And in the meantime, I had to whip up something for another party, because being a darkwad just doesn’t appeal to me :)

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