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Burning Man is an event which by its nature asks a lot of its participants. If you don’t go with the attitude of “I’ll damn well thrive, come hell bugs or high water winds“, you won’t last long. Art projects don’t just show up — they take determination from the moment of “I’m going to bring this crazy thing to the desert” right up until you dismantle, gift, or burn your project (and if you burn it, you’ve then got ash to deal with… nope).

The Tripper Trapper made a good blocker for the front of our camp, serving to lead people into our bar while simultaneously walling off our shower, greywater evaporation pond and generators (i.e. all the stuff people don’t want near their tents) from the outside world.

The funny thing about things that are shaped like other things is, a lot of the time, they act like the things they are shaped like. This means when your project consists of what amounts to a giant sail, it’s going to catch the wind.
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