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Sometimes it's all a bit much.

Sometimes it’s all a bit much.

Grandiose projects can give a sense of wondrous fulfillment when completed, but they can be a hard slog, and the time between inception and gratification can be disheartening. I’ve come to realise that having a small task in my backlog can help at times like these, so that I have some way to get a quick hit of satisfaction.

These can be short tasks like changing out a blue power LED for some other colour (which is good for your health if you sleep near it), or longer-burning (but periodically rewarding) challenges such as learning the best way to digitally encode video using command-line tools.

Not a day has gone by in the last fortnight when I have not worked on the Tripper Trapper, and it was beginning to wear me down. So after cutting, re-soldering and re-sealing six short LED strip segments, I took some “me time” and improved my bench light.

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